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September 8-9, 2022


In times of disruption, recovery, and new scenarios where unprecedented challenges are encountered, by sharing our problems, obstacles, and solutions with others we feel that we are not alone in these trying circumstances.

From climate change and the need to maintain food biodiversity, which inevitably leads us to learn about and implement new technologies to prevent a food crisis, to the challenge of creating new foods in order to meet new consumer needs, as well as supply chain disruptions for global food distribution.

Against this backdrop, we call for a joint analysis of the global outlook conducted by food safety and quality managers, food innovation researchers, food regulatory affairs managers, members, and friends of the FOOD SAFETY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK from various corners of the world, resulting in the first FOOD SAFETY CONFERENCE 2022, which will encompass multiple topics that are linked in one way or another with FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS under this new perspective. Experts in diverse areas selected the conference topics which they deem crucial for the food processing industry to face current global challenges and key to identifying solutions.

Day one will focus on sustainability and innovation, beginning with a keynote speech on the impact of climate change on food safety, biological contamination, and new food technologies; we will continue with strategies on how to reduce and eliminate food packaging waste.

This day will also feature a keynote lecture that will aid in understanding strategies on how to respond to the rapidly growing potential market of developing new products tailored to new consumer demands through new technologies, science, and ingredients; as well as sensory evaluation techniques that allow us to develop products with a higher level of success expectancy.

Day one will close with a topic of international relevance on trends to create Plant-Based and New Protein Food products, analyzing the present and future trends of these commodities.


Day two will focus on food labeling regulations and standards to export to regions of the world that have maintained their economic activity open to food imports, and with a greater demand due to population figures and economic stability, such as the United States and China, as well as those regions that are key for entering the Middle East and Africa markets, being the United Arab Emirates a country that represents both regions. This section will close with one of the potential Latin American economies, Mexico, and an update on food labeling requirements for successful exporting.

The Conference will end with one of the most important topics on international food regulation, outlined by Codex Alimentarius, a joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Commission and Program, providing an update on additive and ingredient regulations and labeling that have been published during the last year, and that set the standard for the food production industry.

A percentage of the Conference revenues will be donated to "Médecins Sans Frontières" (Doctors Without Borders), taking into account that it is one of the most vulnerable sectors during a pandemic, as we are currently facing.


We are sure that this event will offer valuable tools, knowledge, and strategies to make your work easier, providing a global perspective on how to deal with the challenges of these new times more efficiently. Book now!





CEO & Executive Director Latin America



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