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EL ECONOMISTA May 22 , 2013 By: Xóchitl Gil Camacho


Mexico ranks 30 of 105 countries located on the Global Food Safety Index 2012, with a score of 67.5 points out of 100, above countries like Brazil, Argentina and China, who have 31 places, 35 and 37, respectively, considering only 19 participants from Latin America, only surpassed by Chile, who has the site 26. 

This index, developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, provides information about the situation where countries are in relation to the dimensions of food security: availability, accessibility and use (quality and safety), for which integrates information on 25 aspects considered key in them, ranging from those related to the production, income and nutrition market, to some less quantified as those for national policies.

The dimension of accessibility is the lowest grade in Mexico and, in general, measures the ability of consumers to buy food. Among the indicators is national per capita GDP, the same as obtained the lowest score in this category (29 points), although it is the highest of the Latin American and 5.9% higher than the world average.

On the contrary, they are well worth the percentage of food expenditure by domestic households (29.2%, almost 10% less than the world average), the proportion of the population living below the global poverty line (5.2% nationally versus 29.5% of the world average) and funding for rural producers, the latter two, with scores of 75 points each.

In the category of availability are volatility of agricultural production, port infrastructure and agricultural road, average food supply and the risk of political instability, among others. Highlights for Mexico, for his low score, the existence of warehouses for commodities, public spending for investment and development of a productive and agricultural infrastructure, with zero, 25 and 48 points, respectively, the latter with a value 2.1% lower than the world average and eleventh position in the region.

In the utilization dimension assesses the variety and nutritional quality of the diet of the population, this is the best, rated at 72.5 points, and that nine of the 14 indicators that comprise scored high, among them the existence of a national nutrition plan, the availability of dietary vitamin A, access to drinking water and dietary diversification.

Currently, food safety is an issue of concern to governments and society in all countries because of the diversity of factors involved in it, so that tools such as the Global Index provide information that allows determining the status of each of them, thus contributing to a more accurate definition of actions to achieve the desired food status.


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