Certification  Schemes

Certification Schemes

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Ensure your Systems!

We hope to shed "light" on the issues of certification and accreditation such that provides objective information (by not adding conjectures or opinions). First most, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) role is to identify, develop and publish standards. To select a certification body provide determining factors, since the objective to certify is not to merely have a piece of paper but that provides adding - value to services and products. There of, some of the parameters to consider in a given formula are ethics, integrity and value - adding. For this the accreditation protocols may help at different degrees (or not help) in this formula.

The competence, innovation, approach and simplicity within the boundaries of international standards of some accreditation bodies is vital to the formula; and the truly proactive accreditation bodies add to the formula assurance of competence and impartiality.

We assist you in the selection of a registration body or registrar for certification of your organisation's management system.

FSIN in partnership with Systems Certification Bodies in accordance with international standards to organizations and goverments carries national and international recognition through accreditation protocols.

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