DRIVERS OF LINKING COURSE **Principles and Applications

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DRIVERS OF LINKING COURSE **Principles and Applications

September 10 - 11, 2019 , Mexico City


Investigating what drives consumers liking involves using hedonic data along with product descriptive information. A multivariate analytical technique is then needed to link the two, but multiple options exist that often will not result in the same recommendations. How can you choose the most suitable approach? In this course we will review commonly used product optimization techniques such as just-about-right scaling, penalty analysis, factor analysis, and internal/external preference mapping. Through this review we will outline their strengths and weaknesses. We will also introduce Landscape Segmentation Analysis® a tool specifically developed to handle consumer hedonic responses.

From this course you will learn about:
• ● Compare product optimization techniques, understand why they might not always reach the same conclusions, and learn how to select the most suitable approach
• ● Construct maps with products and consumer ideal points and identify population segmentation
• ● Uncover the category’s drivers of liking using descriptive and analytical data
• ● Use mapping results to improve existing products
• ● Conduct product portfolio optimization




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